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Hourly Rate: $75/hr*


Alignment Sessions $75/Hr 

Your first alignment session is a full 2-hour introductory session at a discounted rate ($120 for 2hrs). This is a chance to give you a sense of the work we will do together and get to know one another better.  We will learn the basic alignment markers, introduce focused breathing, and explore beginner corrective exercises. This session includes a posture screening and a personalized alignment exercise list so that you can maintain the work on your own after our session. From there we can schedule regular 1-hour alignment sessions  at $75/hr. I recommend at least 3 additional sessions after the Foundation Session so that you can expand your knowledge base and deepen the experience in your body through repetition. You will continue to receive updated posture screenings and personalized alignment checklists (at no additional charge) so that you can track your progress along the way. 

YogAlign™ Sessions $75/Hr

If you practice yoga or are interested in adding it to your movement repertoire, I recommend starting with the 2-Hour Alignment Foundation Session, as it is important to establish a common language and a basic understanding of alignment before adding in asana and vinyasa practice. From there, we can meet for regular 1-hour YogAlign sessions at $75/hr. I recommend at least 5 additional YogAlign™ sessions after the intro session so that you can learn the full scope of asana offered and begin to integrate the poses into a flow that you can practice daily outside of our sessions. 

Workshop Rates

All workshops are tailored to the specific group and environment. Reach out and share the needs of your group and we will come up with a reasonable figure and program.

*Travel/studio rental fees may apply if necessary and will be discussed prior to your session.

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