60 Minutes: $90*    ·    90 Minutes: $125


My heart's work is Zen Shiatsu, an intuitive style of bodywork that originated in Japan through the lineage of Shizuto Masunaga. As with Acupuncture, Shiatsu seeks to bring balance & freer flow to the channels of energy coursing through the body.  This work is done in comfy clothes on a supportive floor mat, where there is room for stretching and movement. Working on the floor offers a firm depth of pressure and a deeply grounding experience. Zen Shiatsu is a uniquely nurturing, intimate meditation for both the giver and receiver. 

Gift certificates available! Please email to inquire. 

*Sliding Scale Rate for Bodywork starts at $60

Tarot Insight

60 minutes: $60*

As a healing artist, my intuitive offerings extend to deep inquiry. There are many ways to dive deeper into your heart; a method I adore is cartomancy, or card divination. This is a special tool for self-understanding that involves sharing impressions received from images on cards (usually tarot or oracle decks). The cards act as many mirrors in which you can see yourself and your lived experiences from, perhaps, new angles. Tarot is not a way to predict the future, but rather an intimate dialogue that can provide much validation and clarity around your current experience. Come as a seeker, with a specific personal question to ask the cards, and we will work together to help interpret what is being reflected to you and what you are being invited to consider at this time.

After our session, you will receive an image of your cards as they were laid for you and an audio recording of our conversation. Tarot insight can happen in person, via skype, or in written form over email. When booking, please specify which way you’d like to receive your session. All that is shared in Tarot Insight Sessions is kept strictly confidential.

*The Sliding Scale Rate for Tarot Insight starts at $30

Chair Massage

Bodywork is a brilliant addition to your workspace or a special event you are hosting. Bringing a portable massage chair, I will set up shop on-location and offer short massage sessions (anywhere between 10-20 mins) to folks in your office or at your gathering. Contact me to learn more about how it works!

Movement Education

Integrating somatic therapies such as  Alexander Technique, YogAlign & Nutritious Movement to create a customized experience of awareness, strength and function for your body. Movement work can be integrated into any of the bodywork sessions listed above, offered privately, or in a group workshop format. Let's have a free phone consult & weave more functional movement into your life!


As a queer person with experience working on folx outside of the gender binary (including post-op and various physical transitional points along the way), my practice is an open, safe space for all bodies. Queer & Trans Folx check out my sliding scale rate!