From Christine Doidge, Actor in Philadelphia:

Amanda's massages are transformative. It's a spiritual experience. It's hard to put into words, but bodywork for me is almost always a dramatic shift. I have left her massage table literally moving through the world differently. Color was more vibrant, I was hearing sound in a way I never had before, and I felt incredibly grounded. I've cried and  busted out laughing as my body released locked up emotions. Discovering my body's patterns of holding and then working to release them is our ongoing work together and is now part of my process as an actor.

From Jane Broder, Public Defender in Philadelphia:

Bodywork with Amanda is life-changing and magical. I met Amanda because I signed up for a 10-minute chair massage. Working on me for just those few minutes, Amanda felt and understood my pain, not just the physical, but the emotional as well, and suggested I try Zen Shiatsu. Amanda has a kind and gentle yet amazingly powerful touch that is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  When Amanda is working with me, I am able to effortlessly take a breath that is deep and healing in a way that I didn't know was even possible. Through our bodywork, Amanda is helping me to undo and release what doesn't feel good in my body, both physically and mentally. This has impacted me in a way that exercising and yoga and meditation haven't ever done and I am so grateful to now know this experience.  Amanda is extremely knowledgable and talented. You can't put a price tag on the experience of doing bodywork with her. 

From Stephen Kaliski, Theatre Director in New York City:

I've suffered from chronic neck and headache pain for years, and I've had trouble developing a sustainable physical approach to managing symptoms. Amanda's work, however, is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, and after a couple of sessions, I feel totally empowered to realign my body for greater strength and reduced pain.

From Maureen Madden, Retired Nurse in Philadelphia:

How fortunate for me that I happened upon Amanda's website while researching skeletal and postural body work to help with my worsening scoliosis.  From the very first correspondence from her, I was impressed - her thoughtful, thorough, enthusiastic and prompt reply. Amanda is so so knowledgable about anatomy and physiology, how to move with ease, without too much effort, when certain exercises are indicated, what positions might help when pain and spasms present, what specific body mechanics I used that were less efficient...I could go on and on!  I value how much Amanda taught me, how she cared to help me remain optimistic and committed to the positive approach, and how much better I feel physically.   

Tarot insight

From Layla Khosh, Actor in NYC:

With Amanda's readings, I consistently experience an explosion of recognition and clarity. Like a luscious blanket of affirmation and insight, she is so deeply in tune. Her readings are always equally challenging in their ability to shine a light on my pitfalls and inspiring in their specific articulation of the potential I hold in the world. Amanda's psychic ability combined with her deep knowledge and understanding of the cards make for readings that lead to big changes.

From Ann Claire Baber, Massage Therapist in NYC:

Readings with Amanda often catch me by surprise. Just when I think I understand my situation from all sides, she provides some insight that brings me far more clarity than I could provide myself. Her knowledge of the cards and how they’re trying to relate to me is far more intimate than what the book attached to my own set could possibly provide me with. Multiple times now readings with her have spurred a change in attitude and shifted my mood and made my entire day better. Not because I heard what I wanted to hear but because her perspective and interpretation gave me a burst of inspiration. Helping me to feel momentum around something I’ve only been able to mull over and over, or a new tool or focus to use in a situation. I highly recommend reading with Amanda!

From Anonymous, in Philadelphia:

It is one thing to know the meaning of each individual card, but Amanda took her time to connect and relate the cards in the spread in a unique way and that helped me reflect back on what was in my heart and my mind. Highly inspired!